Post Holiday post Part 4

Well, I've just gotten my Christmas decorations packed away
so I thought I'd better wrap up these Post Holiday posts, too, if
it's not too late!
Christmas evening dinner at our house!
The grand dames arrived in their finest and looking
beautiful and vivacious as ever!
Betty White has nothing on these near 90 year olds!

Always a lot of energy at "the kids table", think I'll have to listen in :))

once again, the "adult table" is acting their age with fun Christmas cracker treats!

Why, we even had a "hipster" table for these crazy kids!

But, these fine gentlemen kept it stately, ah, who am I kidding! We had a riot of a
good time, despite the fine china and silver place settings. We had
a few bottles of fine wine!

The twins charmed us all with their wit and good cheer! It was a Merry Christmas!


Katie said…
One year we're going to have to head out there for Christmas and join in all this fun :)
LA-jan said…
I would look forward to it!
Dorothy said…
You guys are party animals! Love the head gear:)