Sisters are Special!

My sister is so special! Dorothy came out to see Mom and she spent
a day at our house! After bringing Mom out to Mass with us,
she came back to the house and Terry prepared a
delicious lunch for us.
I picked up Terry's mom, Pat, and mom and Pat had a terrific
visit with us.
Joe, thank you very much, picked up Taylor from a
friends house and joined us, too!
Here, they are enjoying a hand of Spades!

So nice to see both these grand ladies looking so lovely and full of fun!
They are the life of the party!

Thanks for coming all the way from Virginia and bringing that
warm "Dorothy" sunshine!


Katie said…
So glad you guys had a good time!
Dorothy said…
What a treat for me to spend the day with you guys! It was a fun day, great meal. I can't thank you enough!