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By LA-jan - September 20, 2011

Coming home from work yesterday morning, I was looking forward to
putting my car in the garage after parking outside all weekend.
My garage is across the street and the owner was fumigating.
It had been tented for termites and was being unwrapped when I drove up.
However, the owner was in the street looking way too concerned.
Upon further inspection, this is why he was concerned!
The electrical wires above his house were billowing smoke!
He was on the phone with 911. This picture is actually when the smoke was
dying down!

By the time I had gone in the house to get my camera, like any good blogger would,
the fire dept. sirens could be heard.

In no time, they rolled down the street.

By the time they were arriving, the owner was hosing down the corner of
his house because the tent was starting to catch fire!
The firemen calmly surveyed what was going on, disconnected the house
from power. They called the power company to reconnect and were then
called away to another electrical incident!

The power company determined that the fumigation workers, in removing
the tent, had crossed two incoming power lines and caused a surge
of power, which overheated the lines!
Wow, and with a house full of flammable vapors!

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