The Sofa

By LA-jan - September 10, 2011

This sofa spent all of its life right here. Twenty five years of
comforting us and giving us a restful place.
It was here when I nursed the kids through many a night.
It gave me a place to rest my head when Taylor refused to fall
asleep. It was here when Terry broke his toe rescuing
a toddler sized Taylor from falling off of it. It was here when Sean
did a karate kick on the hardwood floors and misjudged how slippery
they could be and split open his chin.
It was here for all the birthday parties, the Christmas and Halloween
parties. It was here for Sean's graduation party from CSUN.
And Sean was here when he told us that Kroger hired him and he signed
the contract to move to Utah.
And now, this sofa is packing up.

And this sofa is being put on the moving van

with all the rest of Sean's stuff. . .

and this van will arrive in Utah today. And that sofa will continue to comfort
Sean and Katie in their new apartment and their new life.

And for me, I'm just glad it's gone and I got a new sofa!!!

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