Happy Halloween! The Party!

Welcome to the Halloween Party!
As you enter, after passing a few headstones
on the lawn, you'll notice the "lanterns" on the steps.

The lanterns. . .

the Cinderella pumpkins in dusty orange and white. . .

the spooky door chime makes another appearance
beneath the black wreath. . .

And inside, Mom and Roselle greet you with big smiles!

not so much with the spooks. . .

grab a glass of wine and catch this animated conversation
in the kitchen with
Taylor, Eileen and Terry. . .

have a bite to eat with these lively folks. . .

you can always count on a good time with these guys having
a beer in the garage checking out the Stang!

don't think these smiles aren't really looking for a blood meal. . .

it looks like red wine in those glasses. . .

sweet, they share a birthday cake and a birthday wish
from all of us!

sorry, blogspot refused to right this injustice!

Newsflash! Bono gets bit!

this wicked soul was handing out the evil apple,
not one bite was taken!

too beautiful for the undead, don't you think!??

another injustice not righted for this family of the undead!

looks like something fun going on here!

what a jokester, Joe!

the Winners, , Funniest, Best Overall, Scariest, and Most Original!

Another year with the Best Wine. . .
I got to go shopping with them next year!

Getting late and time to say "Goodbye"!

Zoom, zoom, zoom, Happy Halloween!


Katie said…
You guys always do such a great job! What a fantastic party!
Dorothy said…
Scary times on the west coast! A party that had blood dripping all over and spooks and skeletons in every corner! You vamps know how to party!