The story behind the graduation not on facebook. . .

By LA-jan - May 23, 2010

After 3 hours of sleep, Sean and Taylor and I raced out to CSUN for Sean's graduation. Terry was going to meet us there. I had asked Sean the night before on my way to work to please empty the camera card, so I'd have plenty of room. I asked him on my way out the door "the card, you emptied it?" Response, "yeah, mom".

Take out the camera for the first picture as he registers. . . NO CARD!! He emptied it and forgot it!

Fast forward and I'm racing to Target for a new card. Fortunately, Taylor grabbed our seats and we had 1 hour before the ceremony. Almost got tagged by the speed gun, but the gods were lookin' out for me and I saw the motorcycle cop before he zapped my heavy footed get away for Target!!

Back at the ceremony, the sun was baking in that way only the San Fernando Valley can! We had a place under the tent, but poor Sean, at the end of the aisle was in the full sun.. . in black. . forgot to eat lunch. . .

I called him mid-ceremony to see how he was doing. . . phone's off. Message left. Saw him stagger out in the out procession, hat in hand, hair all over face, looking disheveled. . . calling. . . no answer. . . looking. . . no Sean. . . anywhere. . .

Fast forward 20 mins after we all split up looking, we find, slumped over in a seat, under the tent next to the sound system, Sean. Man comes up as we are trying to revive the overheated, dehydrated, hypoglycemic graduate, "Can't be next to all this equipment!!" Excuuuuse me!

Taylor remembers seeing a First Aid tent. We find it and it consists of a tent, a lone chair, a Sparkletts water container and an ice chest full of ice and not one person. Guess I'm on Duty,. . . Sent Taylor for sugar and fluids. Sent Terry for strawberries at the grand reception. Got ice and water for Sean. Taylor returns with Mountain Dew and Snickers and a an adventure with the security guard and a "little" white lie about Sean's diabetic problem to the guard, who shares that his father is also a diabetic, who now almost in tears, is trying to get Taylor into the building and to the vending machines. What a brother! Terry returns with strawberries. . . Sean is now revived! Now for pictures, I'm relentless!

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