September Birthdays!

By LA-jan - October 01, 2009

Sean turned 24 on the 25th! We had the twins and Grandma Pat over for the inaugural dinner in the NEW kitchen!

Terry made bbq ribs and shrimp scampi per Sean's dinner request. Accompanied by broccoli and potaotes, the dinner was a complete success!

The highlight for Sean was the dessert! He requested a banana split after seeing it prepared on the Food Channel, he knew that was what he wanted for his birthday!

He delicately prepared it and instructed us on the procedure as he went along so we all could follow for the perfect dessert.

Here, he finished with 3 cherries on top!

Happy Birthday!


Then, on the 30th we celebrated Terry's birthday!

One of his favorite restaurants dating back to his college years is El Cholo!

We enjoyed margauritas and table-made guacamole!

Terry had a taste of history and we enjoyed every bit of it!

Happy Birthday Terry!

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