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By LA-jan - October 20, 2009

It's been awhile since I've blogged. . . busy I guess. We've changed the kitchen lighting from Title 24 crap to what we wanted (shh!) now that we've passed final.

This is the new lighting here.

and here. . . the new pendants are up! Oh, they were a family project. First, I ordered them, wrong size and so reordered and returned them. Then, we put them up and since they were mounted on a beam, the pan was shallow and some custom work had to be done by Terry. Also, being mounted on a beam, the canopy had to be special ordered, twice, by me. Very complicated since it involved a different light fixture, a guy named Phineas, and a feud this guy has with Lowe's and vice versa. . . ultimately ending up with us getting two canopies free! Not to mention that the glass was frsoted after purchase by Taylor, who custom frosted to our specs! Sean helped with the custom wiring that was needed for the shallow pan! Two weeks later. . . Voila!

And the stools! This could take forever. . . quick story, after 4,000 stools, literally, I found the perfect one! Then, had to deal with managers not wanting to part with their clearance merchandise, pick up and delivery disorganization, and ultimately assembling them ourselves once in our hands and WOW! They are perfect! And I got them on sale! And avoided the pick-up charge! Yes, there was a pick-up charge!

Then, the painting. . . another blog!

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