The Final project

By LA-jan - December 08, 2008

Feeling better, thanks! Almost good as new.

As I've shared before, Taylor has been doing photo shoots for his class. (these are photos of the photos, can't upload the 35mm, so quality is much better, actually)

This one he actually shot at the same place as the photo booth I blogged earlier. Just as a portrait. He liked it so much that he printed it. I though it was great too. (That's me in the background. He wanted movement there.) It was the end of the day, can you tell by Terry's expression?
His professor loved it. He wanted a copy to use in his

class next semester. Another professor saw it and also wanted a copy. He's seen Taylor in the darkroom working on photos and asked him to take his class next semester. Now, Taylor has been asking professors for approval to get these classes specifically for art majors. He's got an "in" now! He's booked, though with his major next semester. I'm so impressed!
This next portrait his professor also loved! It's got imperfections all through it . . . done on purpose in the darkroom! You can't even appreciate the lines running across it that are stamped onto the negative, suggested by the professor. Art! I guess!?

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