And the Party Just Kept Going!! Xmas Day!

As our tradition is, we start out Christmas morn' refueling with the Great Tommy Burgers chili burgers and chili fries!!

Nothing says Christmas like a Tommy burger!

Cleaning up, I noticed how sparkling clean Taylor's room was, great job Taylor!

But what did you do with all the car seats, parts and equipment that was in here?

Nevermind, I see where! Oh, Sean, you weren't even gone a couple days. . .

People arriving, Dan. . . wow! What a surprise, and get that turkey roasting on the grill!!

The party crackers opened and dinner is on, the party goes wild!

Hi everyone who got seats at the big table!

Mom's got a great joke, "what's worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?". . . Pat yells out an elephant with a runny nose? No, she says, " a centipede with sore feet."

Great joke, mom!

Eileen, you're doing a great job blogging!

The kid table was more sedate!

And the adult table moderated.

Happy Christmas to all!!


Dorothy said…
You guys are party animals!!! The big table was enjoying themselves!
I miss you all! I see Mom and A. Dot are wearing the new outfits I sent them - I'm glad they liked them!
M said…
Hello Hello,
Great blog hope I can keep up, Thanks again for a very Happy Christmas Day Dinner.
Katie said…
How early do you eat those things??
LA-Eileen said…
Wonderful Christmas dinner, Janet. Everyone is better and better. Don't know how you keep outdoing yourself everytime!