Christmas Eve Adventure!

By LA-jan - December 26, 2008

It started out like all afternoons in So. Cal. Traffic on the freeways!
All 2 hours of it to go a 40 min. trip.
We sang every Christmas tune on the radio!!

As soon as we arrived, John put the ipod up and set the Reliant K Christmas CD in to set the mood in the kitchen!!

Very nice, John. Merry Christmas indeed!!

The kids got right to the games, and since there were little ones involved, the poker had to wait for Star Wars Monopoly! Go Jedi's!

The men got right to drinking and telling tall tales of their latest adventures in the world!

A great deal of tall car tales were overheard.

Before long the pizzas were coming going in the oven and the familiar fresh baked pizza smells of Christmas eve were overwhelming!

All the family was smiling! Dinner was coming.

The kids were happy!

The night didn't end before some more serious world event discussions.

And some more light weight ones, too! Hey Nick and Joe, good to see you!

A Jolly Good Time was had by all wouldn't you say Teresa and Jessie!?!

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