No deer, no bunnies, just balls!

By LA-jan - September 25, 2008

Taking my walk this morning, I looked around for signs of wildlife. . .

I saw no squirrels, no bunnies (although we have none, maybe someones pet got loose), no coyotes, just the dogs on leashes.

I looked across Silver Lake. The herons have long gone. The birds, well, a few flew by, but usually there are several large gulls in this area. I've even seen a huge flock of geese grazing through the grass near here. No geese.

What did I find. . . the balls. It is hard to see in this picture, but the reservoir above the lake has been filled (almost filled) with balls, black balls about the size of a large softball. The darkness in the middle of the photo is where the balls don't quite cover the water.
Why the balls, you ask? Well, the balls protect the reservoir from sunlight, which reacts with the chlorine in the reservoir to produce a dangerous chemical rendering it useless as drinking water. Hence, the balls. I guess no one thought to add the chlorine after it is drained for use. It was a huge community controversy!! The balls won over covering the whole reservoir.

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