Is this what makes me happy?

Terry found me in the middle of a project and noticed that I was looking so happy. He told me if I don't have a project, "you get weird". You look so much happier with a project. I thought about that and looked at my current projects. The table is full of my Halloween party invitations. A project that I need to get busy on.

Then there's the laundry hamper, overflowing. That's another blog about another appliance breakdown. I need to find a new dryer. My dryer just recently died.

Then, right before we left for Virginia, I found this bench. Someone was dumping this beautiful bench and I knew it was perfect for the end of our bed, someday. I am going to refinish and reupholster it. I can't wait to get started.

Then, here is my blank wall in my office.

All these graduation diplomas, pictures and certificates perched on the window need to be on that wall. But, just right. I have a plan, but haven't purchased everything yet to get started. But, I am looking forward to seeing them on that wall.

Terry just told me he has another project for me. He is seriously getting ready for a new kitchen. Next year. . . I have a lot to look forward to ;)


Dorothy said…
i love projects too. i just am afraid to start them if i don't have time to finish them. all the unfinished mess needs a place! yours looks very inviting!
Katie said…
you are so busy!! i have a picture project for a wall in our apartment that i want to do, but i need to get stuff for it first and don't have time!
whittakerwoman said…
I love that those projects fuel you. I get overwhelmed when I think of my list of projects. :) H
john hall said…
I only like projects where I get to supervise :) I think I mentioned that we are having the tree people come in October to tear out all the bushes and shrubs in front of our house? Then I get to help supervise the landscaping! I guess I'm essentially lazy :)

By the way, why do you want to re-upholster over that leopard skin look? Hang some tassels on it, frame a velvet picture of dogs playing poker - and your room is all set!