The disappearing laptop

Oooh! I miss the laptop :-(

It didn't really disappear, but it goes to school and I miss it because all my photos are stored there. My desktop pc is antiquated, born in the dark ages. I still run windows95!! I can't even load Picasso!

I don't even have a port to upload my pictures. Probably somewhere in the back if I get an adaptor or something, but I haven't a clue.

So, I can only download pictures lately. Until, the boys are home, mostly after 10pm if I'm home.. . or too tired by then.

Probably, time for my own, do you think?!!?


Katie said…
Does it belong to one of the boys? You should get your own!
LA-jan said…
It is ours, meaning me and Terry, but we've always let them take it to school if needed. It's never been an issue until blogging happened!
Lauren said…
aw that's horrible! i think every blogger needs their own computer; i don't know how i would survive without mine!
Dorothy said…
you can get a great laptop for $500. That's what I use. Get on or have the boys get one! you are a blogger!!
Taylor said…
lol the laptop is technology all of ours as me and sean put in our birthdays and christmases for it(i think...) but yah it's like from 10am to 6pm thats 8 HOURS?!?!?! lol of waiting time for school to start (sean's got an early class and i have a night class) grrrr