Another long work night

By LA-jan - September 22, 2008

We've been very busy lately with patients with high acuities. The surgeons have been frustrated at not being able to do all the surgeries the want to because of lack of bed space and lack of nursing staff. Friday, they had it! They were doing all 6 surgeries and we had to take the inutero cardiac diagnosis that was being c-sections that morning. In came the last surgery, we had no bed space, so was placed in the middle of the unit until another patient could be transferred out to the floor. This baby is a very nice example of what most of our babies look like coming back from surgery. This lucky baby came back with a closed sternum, many of ours do not. Can you image putting this precious baby in the middle of the unit so you get home on a Friday evening? The baby did have a room by the time we got there at 7 pm. I ended up staying 16 hrs to help out the next shift.

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