Thanksgiving and more!

By LA-jan - November 28, 2014

So, this is going to be Thanksgiving and a little more
that I had on my camera
and thought I'd share.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope yours was!

We spent the day at Maureen's with Terry's family.
We brought apple pie and green beans and
got there early to help Maureen.

Terry got his apron on and right away set to work in his environment-The Kitchen!

It got a little crazy in there with Colleen making the potatoes, Terry and his beans,
and Maureen and her squash, all at once in her, shall we say, space challenged
kitchen. At the same time, I was starting the gravy and trying to carve the bird!

sorry, this is the only pic, my horrible "selfie" !

Meanwhile, Rita inspected the varietals offered, after she had roasted the turkey
to perfection!

Dorothy, if I'm not mistaken, I believe Maureen has your china pattern!

It all turned out amazing and dinner was served!

Great food, wonderful company!

We had a lovely night!

Before I go, I just wanted to include a few pictures of Terry's
accomplishments with his culinary arts!

Bon Appetit

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