Mr Stewart I hear you!!!

By LA-jan - November 15, 2014

Ran across this tweet online of Patrick Stewart's frustration with
setting up his TWC.

Mr. Stewart, only 36 hrs????
I've been trying to set mine up for over a month!
I've spent over 36 hours alone on the 
"chatting" with their "solutions team" on the internet
in the stores
with their "escalation team"'
and with the technicians in my home! 
(who have come and couldn't do a single thing
because the so-called "supervisor" didn't order the right
equipment on the truck)

 Frankly, Mr Stewart,
you just gotta laugh at their extreme incompetence.
And their excuses.
I could never in my wildest dream come up
with their explanations for their B@#$S**#@!
(such as "that internet speed you have is
not available at your address"
and "you do not qualify for the package you
want because you already have that package we
installed that you didn't want"!)

Thanks for the giggle, Mr. Stewart.

Last night, Mr. Stewart tweeted the following lament, which demands to be read aloud in his deep British timber:

So far, over 600 people have retweeted it, so clearly Mr. Stewart’s frustration with the cable service has struck a chord.


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