The Project! Post # 2 San Clemente

By LA-jan - September 05, 2014

The Project!

Every summer we vacation at San Clemente.
One year, believe it or not, it rained alot in So. Cal!
We had water damage. Water got into the house
and went into 3 areas of the house and we weren't there!
The next spring we had to jack up the house and regrade the 
entire lot. Lots of work!
Mostly we had work on the structure done and outside grading that required a
new fence and landscaping. New outside painting.

That sort of thing.
We changed the outside from that to this.

We then moved inside.
The next year we painted all but the last bedroom (with the most damage)
but, it waited ever so patiently for us!
Finally, doors wouldn't close, patched cracks whined for us.
It begged for help.
We put it off another year.
This time we approached "the project"! 

Terry prepped.

Taylor and I moved all the furniture to the living room.
We had to patch a few holes and found this foam expander that worked great
and a fun project (there in the foreground) that turned into a "brain" that I think I'll use for
a Halloween prop!

Then, Taylor got busy on the trim    


I got busy on the ceiling and walls.

Oh, and the guys put up this "cool" ceiling fan, that is absolutely wonderful on 
those hot summer nights!

Taylor and I also had to scrape down the doors that were somewhat warped and
wouldn't open and close properly. We scraped until they fit perfectly!!

And Terry put new knobs on that look great! So nice to have that doors that open and shut now!!  

Taylor, with his expert spraying ability, got all the little knobs and screws to match!

We even got a light installed over the dining room table and could finally get the lamp off
the table!!

And I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it!

Well, a future post!

San Clemente we'll see you again!

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