Beach get away!

By LA-jan - September 01, 2014

I've been so fortunate this year to have so many getaways!
It all started with in Zion and Bryce canyon in March.
Then to to the Grand Canyon and Utah to see Sean and Katie
in April.
July found me in Bass Lake for the family reunion which Dorothy and
Katie blogged so beautifully, that I felt I didn't need to.
Then, with no time to waste I went back to work only for a week
then took off for a couple weeks to San Clemente!

Eileen and Marty were going to be in San Onfre that first week
for a "Westie" Big Wednesday on "Old Man Beach" near Trestles,
a destination surfer's dream!
"Old Man Beach" has breakers that break way out and give
a nice long ride. Great for learners, and this is where Sean and Taylor
learned at "surf camp" one summer when they spent a week learning the waves.

Back to the Westie Wednesday, the 13th, and it just so happened to fall
on Terry and my anniversary! Eileen didn't want to bother us, but I said
please! bother us as it will force us to relax and do something fun
instead of starting the project we had been planning now for over a year!
So off we went to meet them at Old Man Beach!
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but there were row after row of Westie's
of all models and years customized to each owner's needs and abilities!
Almost all were open for showing off! So we looked and looked and met some
very interesting people.
This one guy whose facebook page sports this mantra:

He was from the UK and had already been traveling for 2 years, having been through
This Westie he had purchased in the southern tip of Chile. It was a stripped down, cheap
form of transportation that he could sleep in. He, while on the road, had outfitted it with
bench seating/bedding area, table, chair, cupboards and it looked roughly "homey'.
As most Westies do, there was a shade tent that comes off the side doors that
open up to his home. Quite comfortable in the hot beachy sun!
He had picked up a dog in Venezuela and named him "Alaska" as that was his
destination. He picked up travelers along the way and the only stipulation
was that they were able to pitch in for gas!
He was quite enthusiastic and encouraged us to "like" him on facebook as he made videos
of his journey and posted them he said and wanted to get as many followers as he could.
I assume it made gas money for him.
I checked out his site and unfortunately, no mention of Big Wednesday, so I guess
not a Big Day for him ;-))
Interesting link there if you'd like to read on!

We had a great day and then came back to the house for a bit of relaxation,
hors d'oeuvres  and drinks
before heading out to dinner at Nicks!

We met up with Joe who had an evening to spare while waiting for
some experiments to process results he was waiting on.

Nick's has the Best Food! Everyone loved their choice!

We had a relaxing morning at the house the next day, Joe had to leave early to check on his
experiments, but it was nice visiting with him before he heads off to Sweden soon!
It wasn't long and Marty and Eileen took off for their concerts in the park
series they had planned!

It was back to the three of us and we had gotten used to this relaxing!
We knew we had a project to complete, but we were determined to
try and get down to the beach everyday for our sunset walks we so enjoy!
Mornings found us at the Starbucks to get a cup of Joe and a bit of wi-fi to
catch up and I even got a few blog entries done!

Even threw in a game of frisbee on some of our walks!

During our time their the wave action was affected by a hurricane south of us
down on the Baja. We enjoyed some big surf and high riptides!
That is a call to all surfers!

Even tough Taylor surfboard nose was broken he still had his boogey board!

When there was a break in the wave set, you can see how many there were out there!

It is hard to tell with this far off photo, but these guys are STANDING UP!
The waves are over their heads! 
Somethimes 3 waves were crashing simultaneously and sometimes almost sideways!
It was chaotic out there!
We saw one surfer trying to get out there only to be swept hundreds of feet down north
of the beach! Ended up walking back hundreds of feet down south only
to swim out again pushed north again about a hundred feet and end up with his buddies!

and sometimes they ate it!

only to get up and catch a long ride!!

Some tired but happy surfers!!

Next time post #2 about "the project"!

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