One last Vestal Post . . . Ta Dah!!

We finished!
Let's enter a take a look, ok?

But, first, look around the garden in front

Alright, in we go

living area and then to the right
the bedroom
you have a nice view from here

and a nice big closet

then into your private bath

with a lovely clawfoot tub and shower

shall we see the kitchen now?
It's just here through the dining room
and all that storage in the hutch

the kitchen
what a clean, fresh palette for all your 
lovely china or Fiestaware! 

charming open shelves and
so crisp and clean!

and then right out the back door

to your little private space for morning coffee, afternoon drinks
or just puttering in your favorite hobby once you've
customized your own beautiful space
for you and your friends and family to enjoy!

So many possibilities here!

Ready to move in?


Dorothy said…
Wow, wow, wow! That looks simply wonderful. You guys did such an amazing job putting it together. Thank you for all your hard work!!!
LA-jan said…
Thanks Dorothy! Appreciate the comment!
John said…
Thanks for your work. And great pics Janet. Looks like this will be good for a long while!