More Vestal Progress!

Went over to Vestal today and was happy to see
the workers there!
The cement walkway is going in!
I also got to go over details with the foreman.
We had been missing each other and I have 
been working so many weekdays!
I also got to see the progress on the bathroom tile
which looks so Gorgeous!
You are not going to recognize this room.
So without further ado, here are some pictures:

Here you can get a peek at the numbers painted on the vent, with the screen
gone, and some trim along the roof. Too hard to take pictures with the cement work
which required a tarp to keep the leaves off the wet cement.

Here, the trim is visible at the roof line and the new windows are in!! 

The new kitchen cabinet to match the sink cabinet is in. 

A peak at the kitchen floor! 
The tile wood grain is incredible and will hide a multitude, as well
as add to the aged charm and co-ordinate with the grey in the marble quartz counter!

New window over the sink 

and in the dining room 
you can't tell them apart from the old, so perfect!

working on the walkway, and a sneak peak at the new
planter by the retaining wall

Shall we check out the bathroom?
Can you believe this is the same bath?

love, love, love this!

and more tile work, new medicine cabinet and you'd
swear it's a new cabinet, but not!

new wood trim at top of tile will be painted black to match
the trim around the tub and floor (they even extended it completely
under the medicine cabinet to meet the tile, so complete black trim.

The wall behind the tub plumbing apparently had no structure, so
new framing had to be put in behind the tile. I know that is how the
plumbing in the small Baxter house was finished off- just a box outside
the house for plumbing the shower, no framing.

Terry and I were planning on doing some planting today, but no way.
I did talk to the nursery to get ideas.

I am also dealing with the construction next door as the dirt is quite a nuisance.
They originally said they would come clean up the dirt, but that only lasted a week.
I talked with the foreman, but need to follow up. I got a ph#.
I would be surprised if we don't get complaints from the tenants.
I will let the property manager know what's going on.

Good news overall, we're in the home stretch!
I am really happy with the way it is turning out!


Dorothy said…
Looks great! I hope the dirt from next door will be cleaned by that crew causing the dirt to cover our newly painted house!
Glenda Reid said…
Wow! I’m so excited to see the results of the renovation of your house. I'm wondering what color palette you will choose to paint your walls. I can picture out the beauty of that house based on your descriptions. Thanks for sharing that great progress! All the best!

Glenda Reid @ Painter Ready Knox