Christmas PM

Christmas night always begins early.
A couple days early.

In the kitchen.

Terry preps for the main meal
and I for the dessert and Christmas cookies.

The turkey is prepared and placed in the fridge ready to go
in the oven

and the cookies

go on and on 

and then the evening comes

and the fun begins!
(does my camera need glasses?)

ooh, I missed the table in the living room
a cozy table with Dan and Bridgette
Pat and Melanie!

Seconds anyone?

The gift exchange was fun
but I was involved, too involved I guess
as I have no more pictures 
after dinner!
It was a Merry Christmas!


Katie said…
Love seeing all the things you guys cook! Looks delicious :)
Dorothy said…
That turkey looks like the secret recipe under the foil. Mounds of cookies too. Love it!