It Was A Merry Christmas!

This Christmas eve, we went to Eileen and Marty's
for Pizza Eve!

What a warm cheery home they prepared for us!
The house was carefully decorated and the kitchen just waited
for busy hands to create magic!
And what magic it was!
We got busy learning the tricks to tossing pizza that
Dan newly acquired as he learned the trade
in his new franchise to open next month!

First came the teaching of the finer arts:

Then a  demonstration:

Dan, you make it look so easy!!

So, of course we all had a try!

As you can tell, we kinds surprised ourselves at how it worked!

OK, maybe not ready yet for prime time!

But, the pizza came out delicious and we all enjoyed the fruits of our labor!

We even created a dessert pizza with caramel, fresh fruit, brie and brown sugar!

Then, it was on to the gift exchange which was full of chances, decisions
a little deliberations and stealing. . . all ending up great fun!


And that Espresso-Latte maker ended up going home with me!

A great evening that went late into the night, but not before
Eileen and Marty gave us Absinthe tasting lessons:

After carefully measuring out the potent potion

it is poured gently into glasses and a sugar cube is placed in a special
triangle and positioned over the glass of absinthe

carefully, with an eyedropper, a drop of water is dripped over the sugar cube
and it drips into the absinthe to dilute an sweeten the potion.

and as if by magic, a change in color and clarity happens

until the perfect consistency is reached when the sugar cube is gone

now the tasting happens, cheers!

as the perfect glass is chosen

bottoms up!
Wow! Taste is like anise, licorice with a zing!

Not too much, I am driving!
And we were home by 1:30!

And next morning, Christmas came a little early . . .

Ha! Terry still has his apron on :-))

It's not Christmas morning without a new pair of pj's!

And Taylor got me the most AWESOME keyboard for my tablet, that comes with
it's own case that is wireless and magnetic!!
Like a little mini-laptop!! 

Merry Merry Christmas!
Next, Christmas pm!


Dorothy said…
So much fun! Love the pizza tossing, the picture of Melanie with the results:). That would be me! Great Christmas morning photos! Such good times. Can't wait for more!
Katie said…
Great tradition :) So fun with the pizza tossing :)