Thanksgiving Weekend

I really had good intentions.
I forgot my camera Thanksgiving Day :-((]
But, then I remembered it for my Day after Thanksgiving!
Then, I forgot it again!
I will at least try to be a good blogger and get those posted!

We had a wonderful dinner at Maureen's home.
Turkey and all the trimmings with the whole
Pollard-Keeshen family.
And of course, I forgot my camera.
Thanks to Maureen, who shared these with me,
I have just these to share.

I carved the turkey. . . 

and Terry brought his pies . . .


Colleen, John and James had come out and decided
to stay at Checkers in downtown.
Checkers is a beautiful historic boutique hotel.
Colleen asked if we'd had breakfast with her
Friday morning.

So, early Friday morning, we picked up Terry's mom and headed downtown.
After valet parking, we headed into the restaurant for breakfast.

The colors are soooo soothing! All the neutrals! Lovely.
Maureen and Perri showed up and we ordered.

The food was delicious, too.

Terry had the huevos rancheros.

We all enjoyed our entrees.

The dining room was so elegant, I just had to get another picture.

After a lovely breakfast, we headed into the elevator to check out the "penthouse",
a rooftop view.

The kids went directly over to check out the rooftop jacuzzi!

But, we were all about the view!

No sooner than a couple of hours later, Terry and I headed off
for San Clemente  for a quick weekend holiday!

And I forgot my camera. But I had my ancient phone camera for a few
really horrible photos!
I thought they were better when I took them, but. . .

We went down for the "Puttin' on the Ritz" night.
All the merchants open their doors late that night!
Till 9pm!
They have little deals going on and have wine and little
cookies or crackers and cheese set out to inspire you to linger and shop.
Outside, there are choral singers, twinkling lights, live bands with jazz, big band,
and Holiday music playing. 
There were venders on the street selling food and crafts.
The event starts at 5pm with "Santa's coming to town"
played by the musicians as we see
a huge firetruck coming around the corner.
 Bagpipers playing precede
Santa atop the truck!

There was much anticipation!

and then he appeared!

. . . much to the little ones delight!

I must admit it was crowded, but I managed to score a few
deals that will put a little pizazz in my Christmas! 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dorothy said…
You guys know how to have fun! Great hotel food and views! Great holiday jump start at San Clemente! Way to enjoy the holiday!
Katie said…
Looks delicious! Glad you had a good holiday!