The Party

By LA-jan - October 27, 2013

The sun was beginning to set
the darkening hour was soon,
the graveyard was being dug . . .

oh, wait a minute!
Who is that sitting on the job?

This graveyard isn't going to dig itself mister!
We have bones to put away!

We are not getting anyway here, let's go on inside!
I think Westerners will be arriving soon.

Howdy pardners!
Grandma Pat received her gift of the Wedding Album, while
Aunt Rita has a "shot"!

Terry garnishes his horderves. Yum!

Oh my! It's that guy always buried up to his neck in the sun and
Dudley Do Right!

Meanwhile, the poker game has begun in the Saloon!
Looks like this one is serious!
The chips and gold coins are stacking up!

This cowgirl may have her hands full with this table!

No worries for the ladies with this tough one in the Saloon keeping order!

All looks in order at this table, although one tough look and I'll be moving on!

Good grub ladies?
We'll exchange recipes later!

Now these ladies look like they won't be riding alone in the buckboard tonight!

Scott's having a birthday this month and growin' like a weed
and ain't his mother lookin' proud as a peach!

That was some mighty fine skills you showed in the campfire, Terry!
We all are much appreciated!

Looks like it might be a show down! Guns are out!

Have no fear! The law is here!

Time for birthday cupcakes!
Make a wish!

Happy Birthday to all the fall Birthdays!

You too, Scott!

We hosts give thanks to all the players, it was great!
See you next year for a frightfully good time!

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