Halloween Party Preview

Welcome to the Halloween Party preview!
Tonight is the night and most is ready
and I thought I'd share a sneak preview . . .

But, first of all, let me say 
Happy Halloween!

and a classic "boo boo", I'm in the frame!

With a Western theme this year, I still found a place for Halloween
in the decor. This in one corner . . .

and this scary one down below . . .

make for an inviting corner to sit a "spell "!

But, a Western ghoul greets you at the door,
with his skeletal crew and the jailhouse keys

we've even added authentic advertisement here!

But, as you enter, you come into the Dead or Alive Saloon!
Complete with "Wanted" posters, honky tonk music,
shot glasses for the tastin' and lanterns and
gold coins for the gamblin' on the tables!

well, that durn scumbag!

Hope your Halloween is gol' darn frightnin'!!


Katie said…
Looks fantastic - hope the party went well! Can't wait to see pictures :)
Dorothy said…
You did it again! Frightninly good! Where is all your living room furniture? Hope you catch a bunch of outlaws and give 'em h@$#!