Matt and Katie's Wedding

By LA-jan - August 27, 2013

August 24th
A beautiful day in Wrightwood.
Only a quick 2 hr ride from LA through bumper to bumper
traffic from LA to Claremont, then smooth sailing.
Why didn't we get  a cabin like the smart folks
who were already there the night before??
Well, here we are and it's gorgeous!!
Almost ready to start with Matt
nervously smiling in anticipation. . .

The chairs set up under a huge shady tree and standing at the foot was the
groom and the officiant.

and before we knew it, it was on!

Katie escorted in by her 2 dads.

The groomsmen

from my point of view here

and, oh, Hi Terry!!

Can you tell it is a happy celebration?!!

Exchanging of rings and vows 

Looking good, Eileen and Marty!!

and look who is behind us all smiles, too!!

such a beautiful setting for a summer wedding!

and such a short walk to the reception!
(Yes, that is the photographer, Dan Bellefontaine!)

even a babbling brook feeding a pond there just before the bar and stage area
(that is Eina in the rear here carrying the bag)

  this little steam fed the pond and we walk over a little bridge

everyone found their favorite tables.
Jesse's girlfriend, Rachel, we met for the first time!

and everyone was anxious to hear how Teresa and Brian's plans were coming along!

Katie and Matt looked over the crowd of well wishers

the fresh summer table centerpieces were gorgeous

and before we lost the light, let the official family pictures begin!!

caught these handsome blokes joking around !!

everyone took advantage of the light!

caught in the act!

Nice one!

all the photographers!!

and me, without me glasses, oops!

 that's better!

"the original Beller Mountaineers"!

"The First Dance"!

and then Eileen and Matt's dance to "Elmer's Tune" was full swing!

a little too much "swing" for my camera!

And then, we all started dancing and the DJ was sooo fantastic, that,
I never stopped dancing, lost the light, so that is all the pictures I have!
It was a terrific wedding party and everyone had so much fun!

Congratulations to Matt and Katie!

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