With this ring . . .

By LA-jan - August 03, 2013

It ended with those little words
but what a wonderful week!

From the first night "welcome dinner" . . . 

to the next day bridal shower

then on to the reahersal

having a little fun with it

and then, on to the dinner
 here with Dorothy in her matching color

the soon to be newlyweds

everyone had a great time!

the proud and happy parents

 and then to the preparation for the wedding,
here the boys decorate Sean's car

and then dropping it off at the "honeymoon suite"

getting dressed . . . 

a sneak peak at the bride 

just beautiful!

A few last words of wisdom

and a quick prep for the best man

everyone ready?

let's get this party started!

Here comes the . . .

anticipation . . .

. . . Bride

exchanging vows . . .

lighting a candle to remember Grandma Eleanor and asking for her blessing

a Celtic ceremony representing "tying the knot"

"you may now kiss the bride"

presenting "Mr. and Mrs."

"I feel good"

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