Aunt Dorothy pulls an all nighter and . . .

We  had left off, before I digressed, on Dec 1, 1942. Tony had to apologize,
there was "petting in the park", some alcohol and
someone sleeping on the lawn!
That all must explain why Dec 2 and 3rd were blank pages!
Those girls!

Well, let's go on. . . it gets better!

Mom sure always made it a point to make it to Mass after her
"wild weekend"! The weekends may have changed 
but, as we know, Mom continued her Mass habit!

There were no letters from "Jimmy", no James, no Jim or
anything similar to that I could find in her
shoebox. None from 1942, for that matter. I sure wished
there were. Maybe she kept those in a separate stash.
I'm hoping we still have another treasure to find.
Because Jimmy shows up in her next entry. . .
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall. . . 



Katie said…
Hahahaha "gee, that poor boy and the way I treat him" :) She is hilarious.
Dorothy said…
Boy, those girls had active weekends! She had NO interest in settling down! Hahaha.