And the Winner Is . . .

My neighbor, Rob!

Actually, this is his Emmy from his win on Star Trek Next Generation,
but he is up for ANOTHER one! from his current show. The Daytime Emmy award show is this month. I am ashamed to say I don't remember the name, but it is a cartoon show about Pirates. I got to hold his last Emmy
and it is so heavy! That desk behind us is an animator's desk
from the Disney Studios. So very cool, it has files, all these great little compartments
for brushes and paints and tools. On top is a place for storyboarding the drawings.
He and his partner have a really cool house across the street from
Terry's mom. They are the greatest neighbors anyone could ask for!
(and, very talented ones, too!)


Katie said…
I like the new picture! It's like you're famous because you know someone famous!
Dorothy said…
Such an interesting neighborhood you live in! That is cool that you were able to hold the Emmey. I hope he gets another one!