More Retirement!

On Thursday morning, the school held an assembly on the yard for Terry.
All the classes formed a U with Terry under a tent with another retiree
and a teacher reassigned due to budget cuts. Taylor, Sean and I joined him.
It was a tribute and a spilling of emotions!
There were teachers accounts of their experience with Terry
as their 3rd grade teacher. Ms Ruiz told of how special "Mr. Pollard"
makes each kid in his class
feel .
She related his Olmec and Toltec social studies lessons
that touched her heart and validated her culture.
She says his enthusiasm in the classroom inspired
her to teach and she aspires to keep
her students motivated in the way he motivated her!

His third grade class put on their sunglasses and
danced to the Beach Boys. Well, Terry just had to join the fun on his
start of an "endless summer"!

More hugs and tears. . .

and of course "recipes" for a happy retirement! Each class and many individual
students, some retained by Terry, made special presentations to express
their feelings and appreciation for him. It was so overwhelming, the
tears were flowing! You can see here how Terry is trying to keep it
together, but he wears it all over his face.

more dancing fun

Ms Yeu who was also leaving, sang "Over the Rainbow"

a commendation plaque from the school for 32 years of service

some very kind, appreciation from Mr. Andrews, the principal who
remembered how Terry's perfectionism and dogged determination over
29 years led to a state of the art auditorium. He related how much time
he gave to the school and to the kids on his own time to win awards in
video production, mentor student teachers, and support local
community action for the kids.

After the School Board's certificate of appreciation came another certificate
from the City of Los Angeles signed by our councilman, the President of the
City Counsel.

Happy Retirement!


Katie said…
what a great retirement party! Congratulations - it looks like he has made quite the impact on a lot of people :
Dorothy said…
Such well deserved praise! Terry - you are an inspiration to all of us! Congratulations on 32 years and a beautiful retirement! It sure shows how much everyone appreciated all your service and caring and hard work!
Enjoy your retirement!