Getting ready for a move?

By LA-jan - May 18, 2011

Sean's been job hunting since even before graduating last December.
This is where he has been working for the last several years.
And this is his boss.
She may look cool here, but make no mistake, she is a task master.
At ?? years young, (wouldn't dare publicize this "ladies" age) she's runs her empire the old school way.
Long hand ledgers and scroll adding machines.
Won't have it any other way.
Now, Sean has had the patience of Job, being a computer engineer and not
being able to enter her empire into the computer era.
Face to face with the bank tellers, she and now, he, knows them all by name.
They know who to go to and who to avoid.
When is the last time you were greeted by name by your bank manager?
When, more realistically, did you even set foot inside the bank,
during normal business hours?
Every receipt, every tax related expense is carefully counted
and entered into the ledger.
The world, to her, is divided. Things that are tax deductible and those
that are not. End of story.
Monday, Sean has an interview. Really, he has four interviews.
With corporate. In Cincinnati.
Will this era come to a crossroads?

"When is Taylor coming over?" she asks. Nah, probably not.

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