Christmas Day post

My first gift of the New Year was that we were overstaffed at work
and so they offered me the night off!
So, I have some time to finally post Christmas Day at our house.

Dinner was spread out over 4 tables, the dining room and then the coffee table in
the living room, and we set up 2 additional tables there, too.
More wine at table 3!

We had our annual gift exchange, complete with three allowed "rip offs"
for each gift! We swapped mostly gift cards from Target and Starbucks! Some
gifts were disguised. One had a banana to weigh it down, another
had rocks in the box!

It was a Merry Christmas!


Dorothy said…
So glad you had the day off! Oh such beautiful people and a beautiful house! I am glad you had such a nice Christmas - I see even Dan and Jesse made it. Love your beautiful tree!
Katie said…
Great pictures! As always, wish we had been there :)