By LA-jan - November 01, 2010

The Annual Halloween party theme this year was Fables, be it Disney, Grimms, Aesops or Anderson, it was all about make believe! And people played it up big time!
Just see for yourself. . .

Of course, we also had a terrific wine tasting, too. The bottles were unveiled here after the winner was revealed. . . a great vintage from Spain! Thank you, Eileen and Marty for that special taste!
The Queen of Hearts shows off her stuff!

Here, the Mad Hatter converses with a combat here, and no that is not a beer in his hand, but a Monster Soda!

Little Red Riding Hood has something to eat with her friends and Sleeping Beauty, on the right, almost got cut out of the picture!

And who doesn't want to listen in on the conversation happening here between the Indian princess, a bottle of mustard, the wolf and Cinderella!

The Woodsman who saved Grandma from the Wolf congratulates his mom, the Nun who cooks, on her Birthday!

Oh, what a great shot of the Cinderella and the Indian Princess!

Being, Halloween, we had our Scary Scream spooks, too!

And they came in Triplicates!

And there they are! The Sorcerer and the Sorcerer's Apprentice, our Wine Tasting Winners! Of course, with their Sorcery skills, came up with the Best Tasting Brew!!

What a fine looking bunch showed up and made revelry!

Even the crowd in the backyard contributed to a great party atmosphere!

Somebody forgot their paws for this picture!!

Grrrr. . . night all!

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