A Bit of an Update

By LA-jan - November 11, 2010

We have these chairs. Nice chairs, but needed a bit of fixing up. Terry needs to fix the wood rails that support it. Glue?
The chair seat cushion was flat and so that needed a redo. Well, Terry's been spending all his free time in the garage of late. That lust he has for that redhead in the garage!

So, I got busy doing my part. Layers and layers of old fabric that I had previously covered these with came off.

And each layer had all those staples to be removed. I probably didn't have exactly the right tools, or it wouldn't have been so hard. I had not replaced the padding completely, ever. I found old orange foam that was disintegrating and horse hair that I think was used for padding back in the day. These chairs, according to Pat, were built by her father, Terry's grandfather. New foam padding and fabric went on.

What do you think about my little update?

Don't look at the unfixed bottom rail :0!

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