Our Fireworks!

The Real Deal!

Yeah, we had our ribs grilling,
the strawberries were washed and the pie shell was in the oven. . .

then, the fireworks began early! The sirens blaring, ladder trucks rolling down the street. Three ladder trucks, paramedics, intense!

Out to the street everyone ran. The trucks rolled all the way down to where they got trapped on the narrow streets!

Finally, the paramedics were able to get their truck backed down the street and we found out it was for a false alarm call on "barbeque smoke"!

Always, a thrill to see our firemen on the job!

Thanks guys! So long, and, see you next year!?!


Dorothy said…
Oh my! I hope they weren't sent out for the ribs on the grill!
LA-jan said…
Thank goodness, not ours!