Twins B-Day over?? Not so!!

This weekend was my weekend with the twins, but Joe was returning to UCLA after a short break between quarters. He had visited a friend in San Fransisco.

He and Eileen stopped by Sunday for dinner and one more celebration of the twins birthday, since he had missed the others.

We had lasagna (mom's recipe from years past) that I resurrected and had made the day before and had stocked the freezer with. I didn't even have to cook and fed everyone!

Joe presented them with matching UCLA tee shirts. We had ice cream sundaes and chocolate shakes!

Can we get any more mileage out of these birthdays. . . stay tuned!


Katie said…
man! it has been well over a month! :)
Dorothy said…
I love the updates and pictures of the twins! What a birthday!
LA-Eileen said…
Great post, Janet. You excel at telling a good story!