I had a Great Birthday! Thank you everyone!

It started with all the cards coming in. Wonderful, lovely, and sometimes funny cards. Thank you all!

What was I going to do with my day? I gave myself a spa day. Long hot shower, extra conditioning, mani-pedi treatments. . . the works! (Tip: A pedicure can't be rushed if shoes are in the plan for the evening!)

Terry came home early with flowers and a beautiful card!

We did my annual shopping with coupons trip. I had 4, but could only find deals for 3. You'd think this year, there would be all kinds of deals for around $12-15! I get coupons for $10 off anything more than $10 and try to keep it close to $10 as I can. Victoria's Secret had a great lip stain for $12. Banana Republic had a marked down top for $20. Wouldn't normally go that high, but Terry loved it! And, Old Navy had a cute scarf for $12.50! Score!

Then, it was off for dinner at McCormick and Schmick's! No penny pinching here. This is a great seafood restaurant in Pasadena. First Class!

I enjoyed a leisurely glass of Chardonney and great conversation. . .
with this guy! Toast to a great night!
Terry had the Wild Grill: salmon, sea bass and a crab cake (he's consumed with finding another one as good as the east coast variety. . .it's been difficult, yet he stays determined!)
I has the grilled salmon with burre blanc. Excellent!

The waiter brought this fabulous and decadent deep dark chocolate fudge cake. . .

Terry's dinner came with creme brulee! To absolutely die for! We ate every last bite!

A Great Birthday!


Katie said…
we have a gift certificate that we haven't used yet to mccormick and schmick's. I'm looking forward to it once the weather gets nicer. I'm glad you had a good day, happy birthday!!!
Dorothy said…
So wonderful! I am glad you had such a great day -- you deserve it!!!
LA-Eileen said…
What a great birthday celebration. Now I know what you were doing when I called. I'm glad it was fabulous!