Spring Forward In LA

By LA-jan - March 08, 2009

We are experiencing springtime in LA! Now with the time change done, the season has taken notice!

The green leaves are sprouting on my hydrangea, a later bloomer, but encouraging none the less.

Lavender in the background is flowering near the front door.
Some transplanted bright red leaf has taken off and has become quite the showy plant near the sidewalk drawing comments from passerbyers. I think I'll do some more transplanting of this one!

My earliest bloomer, the climbing rose is always the most eager to show up and bloom, which makes it one of my most favorite!
In fact, this has inspired a bit of new planting on my part to fill a few gaps.

Has spring shown its face in your garden yet, or has Mother Nature kept it at rest under snow and frozen ground? Most of the nation is still having freezing temps, so I just thought I'd give a little preview of things to come!
Life springs eternal!

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