Presidents Day Off!

Terry and I took advantage of both having the holiday off and went to see the Americana Grove outdoor mall.

The place is like Disneyland with outdoor shopping and dining. Really over the top!

With Starbucks in hand we checked out all the high priced luxury shops available.

We ended up seeing "Slumdog Millionaire" and it was really a good movie! Two thumbs up!

Back to shopping. we found gifts for the twins birthdays.

We also found a gift for another birthday party we were invitied to.

Terry found a hat. He looks quite great in hats and likes to wear one when it rains, but it usually ruins the hat. The boys got him a nice Indiana Jones hat that he's worn and didn't want to ruin it. Now, he has one he can wear in the rain! Didn't get a picture of that though. All in all, a great day!


Katie said…
I really want to see that movie! Glad you had a good day off!
Dorothy said…
Wow - it looks like it was a nice day ... and very productive!! I worked from 9am until 8:30 pm. Glad to have the work!
LA-Eileen said…
I've heard The Grove is a great mall to visit. I've been wanting to go. Now you've renewed that desire. Glad you and Terry had such a good time!