It's Our Birthday!!!

Welcome to out 87th Birthday Celebration! Everyone's here, we're having a blast!

Check out our new matching birthday suits!

Well, here we are relaxing with Lucille and her daughter, Barbara. Such nice weather today!

Right over there you can check on dinner!

Dan, tell them what you are cooking!

"This is my creation of grilled veggies. This griller is my favorite pan for grilling!

Now, this one may be a bit hot, I added a few chilis from my garden hot house. You might like this other one I call cool veggies."

Now, here's Terry starting on the shrimp.

Dan brought in a "whole lot of shrimp! Listen to the guys talking about it!"

"I heard Dan brought in 10 lbs. of fish today!"

"I heard it was 20!"

"You are both wrong! It was 35 lbs!"

Fish story!?!

The food is coming off the grill fast and furious, the kitchen is a madhouse!

"Where is it all going to go, I hope everyone is hungry!"

Now this is great food, great wine, great friends, and great family!

Before you knew it, out came the birthday cake!

The twins were really getting jiggy with it!

Gettin' down with the birthday tune!

John and Dan joined in the "shakin" your booty" thing!

Making a wish for many more!

Taylor dives into the red velvet cupcake!

The men approve!

And then, it was time to say goodnite!

We enjoyed our birthday! Thanks for coming!


Melissa said…
Y'all are so classy!!!
Dorothy said…
It looked so wonderful! I wish I could have been with you. When I talked to A. Dot she said it was the best birthday ever!!! That is pretty amazing after having 87 to compare with. Thanks for sharing the details!
LA-Eileen said…
Wow, Janet! What a great job on this "story." You are very creative! What a fun party!!