It's Looking Like it's Really Going To Happen!

By LA-jan - February 09, 2009

This kitchen remodel we've been talking about for a few years is looking more and more like a reality!

Terry and I had an afternoon recently and we went looking for ideas. Kids in the candy store! What fun!

I have drawn out plans, redrawn and redesigned over the years. Every time we get a new idea, find a new appliance, cabinet, space saving item etc. it goes in the envelope. We took our envelope shopping!

We've put many obstacles in our way; the economy, the kids, the retirement, vacations. One by one, they have been falling away and it seems like there is less and less to stand in our way.

Terry has been diligently checking how to obtain his "gourmet cook's kitchen" that works for our space, which is quite challenging.

Here, it is refrigerators. Side by side, french doors, counter-depth or built-in. . . Terry checks it out.

Terry has already decided on a cooktop rather than a stove. Separate oven means multiple cook stations and that means cooks have room in our limited area!

Here we check out ideas for storage under that cooktop. Cool!

This is also very cool. Terry likes this idea!

We are moving out the eat-in kitchen to make room, knocking out a wall and making room for an area on a penninsula for casual dining. Now this is an excellent look!

Now, you are dreaming Terry!

This is his choice for a hood for that cooktop. Looks pretty pro, Terry.

And this. . . this is where it all happens! Yeah, I'm looking forward to those gourmet dinners on this baby!

We'll keep you informed as progress proceeds!

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