It's Baaaack. . .

By LA-jan - May 28, 2017

It's been hugely controversial, refilling our neighborhood reservoir that was drained
over a year ago to take it offline. The neighborhood meetings with the water company that
maintained it raged back and forth with political agendas and environmental
concerns and wildlife ethics!
It's been a bruising, battled dilemma pitting neighbor against neighbor, well almost that bad.
But, all in all, in the meantime, the lovely path languished by a big dry pit.

Months and months of heavy machinery digging trenches and constructing that long cylinder there
that houses concrete covered drainage tubes that connect water lines to nearby Griffith Park, where
the new covered reservoir now will hold water. (another controversy that saved old trees at the end of the lake) The open reservoir was no longer safe and had
to either be covered (oh no you don't!!) and end of discussion! With property values
and view properties dependant on an open pristine reservoir, the covered idea was flatly refused
by residents!
The opening of a partial land area a few years prior was controversial enough!

From this;

to this"

and people still complain, but at least that died down to low roar and now the refill
is the loudest noise. From wastefull water use, to how to refill and open
the reservoir for public use versus parking and congestion. . .
well, you can see, how controversial it can be! And silver lake people are never
the ones to shy away from confrontational debates! Well with recent overcapacity rains and overfilled water reservoirs, the refilling began last month.

Me, I am just enjoying the cool breezes that I missed blowing over the reservoir on a 
warm summer day and the moist cool air feeling on a nice long walk or run around the
jogging path!

And it's baaack!

and I'm loving it!!

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