Our Villainous Halloween!

By LA-jan - November 02, 2016

This night,"we shall hurl the gauntlet of science
into the frightful face of death itself.
This night, we shall descend into the depths.
We shall mock the earthquake. We shall command the
thunders, and penetrate into the very womb of
impervious nature herself".

Gene Wilder, we salute you.
And we referenced his movie in our invitation.
We went on

"Halloween is for Villains"
and we requested the presence of all of them
for our Halloween party and
wished you could have been there!
 The invitation was crafted:

and sent out.

The boxes of decorations unloaded from the attic 

the sorting began


the building of the centerpiece both frustrated and inspired us
to go on


so we began decorating in earnest
in every nook and corner


furniture was moved and space was made for the
villainous crowd that would descend on that night


no, not finished yet


No, we need more!

this last ceiling effect would go  over the
main table, with the Mad Hatter Hat at it's center, at the entrance

placed on a pedestal on the table surrounded by large
playing card, and the queen of hearts, ace of spaces,
and jokers dangling from the ceiling above.
This would be the wine tasting table with glasses, score cards
and you can also pick up your costume ballot here.
Score your favorite wine, and your favorite costumed villain!
Time was getting close, Taylor's crew of friends came over to set up the back yard.
He even had a friend who helped with his makeup *(a former make up artist) using
my office as his studio

Now, we're talking!
And villainous guests starting arriving! 


Ah man! The creative talent of the guests was unparalleled!
This costume ballot was going to be hard to fill out!


There was so much fun and crowd pleasing villainous goofing off over here!

The Jigsaw family hosts

in the busy kitchen


Lasagna with homemade noodles, eggplant Parmesan, stuffed
pork rolls and Cesar salad filled out the menu!
Grandma Pat celebrated her 94th birthday with a
"Happy Birthday" from the group!


with pumpkin pie and cookies to round it out,
there was plenty of goodies to go around!
Time for the best costume ballots to be counted,
wine scored.
The Most Cut-throat
The Most Villainous
The Most Frightful
and The Most Devious

What terrific costumes!
The best wine winner went home with a bottle
of each of the guys homemade beer brew 
The Blood Orange
and Larry's Steam!
in a basket of beer snacks and goodies to go with!  
This was the lucky winner couple:
our next door neighbors, a Bond Villain and an Identity thief! 
It was such a great party that lasted till the wee hours
thanks to our terrific villainous guests! 

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