Halloween party

Welcome to our Halloween Party/Birthday bash for Pat's 90th!
The graveyard was  open. . .

The host was pouring drinks and ready to greet. . .
And here she is arriving in all her splendor, greeted by Colleen and Rita!
The decorations included pictures of Pat and her friends from the 1940's.
That dress hanging in the window is a favorite dress she wore in the 40's.
The pictures were hung everywhere. . .
This is one of my favorites! They look like this was such a happy time
of their lives!
People had so much fun checking out all the photos that were
hung up all over the place!
Oh, it was amazing to see all these images of
another era! Thanks to Rita and Dan for salvaging them!
The kids showed up in the 40's themed costumes, too!
Great looking Perri, Taylor and James (also celebrating
a momentous 18th birthday!)
New found family Kris and John came as a garden gnome 
pink flamingo. Inventive and ingenious!

Melanie looked very much like Rosalind Russell from
"His Girl Friday", Eileen won best overall for "Rosie
the Riveter" and Maureen looks very stylish in her
1940's fashion!
John, as the Red Sox, Ted Russell and Kevin came
very in costume af a 1940's good ol' boy sheriff! 

Larry and Rita won best wine in the wine tasting
event for a white wine named
"Cut the Fluff"!
Kevin won "Funniest" costume!
James took home "Scariest" and Eileen "Best Overall"
Congratulations winners!
But "Most Original" went to the Grand Dame
herself in a dress she wore from her own 
closet from the year she was born!
Happy 90th Birthday Pat!


Katie said…
As it is every year - awesome party. Looks like it was a blast. I particularly love the theme :)
Dorothy said…
What a fabulous event! Love all the photos and especially the on with the girls laughing on the sidewalk! So precious it is unreal!