What a lovely vacation we had!
A little of everything and just enough of nothing to refresh
our tired, stressed out selves!
The yard looks great, but a couple plants
needed replacing and what better
way to ease into a relaxing week than
a little gardening. The tree we planted also was taking
off well, but had a few insect and mold problems
that a good spraying off with the hose and
a dose of spray from the nursery could handle.

Then it was time to curl up with a good book. This one I chose was
Terry's culinary arts text. Very interesting and informative. I skipped
right to the baking section!

Next, it was off to shop some of the local boutiques.
Someone is having a birthday and I found just the right
Doubling back, we stepped into Starbucks for
that afternoon Latte!

I found these little treasures for Terry's herb garden and
persuaded him to get them, so when he asks
for a sprig of oregano for dinner,
I find the right sprig!

Some more of this. . .

I've been working on a little project since last summer.
It was time now to finish it.
Taylor had made me some little wooden tags when he
was working on the kitchen molding last summer.
I had painted them and taken my time getting all the
right things together that I needed to finish.
I wanted to transfer words onto the wooden tags
for the bathroom baskets I had organized under the vanities.
Transfer medium on the table, so I got busy.

Once the medium was applied and the printed paper was in place, I just
waited for it
to dry.
Then, the paper was rubbed off,
leaving the print.

With a little ribbon, voila!

and. . .

We enjoyed some really great dining
at Nic's. . .

I was inspired by a recipe I found that improved on my
Cinnamon Rolls. These are cinnamon bun bites!
Little bites, so easy to eat!
I am making them now for Easter tomorrow,
they turned out that good. They are "proofing" as I blog.

Terry had his own project. A ton of coins that he was wrapping in
rolls. He is a jar coin tosser. Well, in his case, the jar is a big crayon!
He had over $100 at last count.

Another great dining experience at South of Nic's.
We did appetizers again, Dorothy!
From left to right, ranchera tortas, shrimp taquitos, and
the taco plate with 4 different tacos.
We had so much, we took it home for lunch the next day!

What a fun, relaxing week!
Have a Happy Easter!


Dorothy said…
Happy for you! What a beautiful way to spend spring break/ Eastervweek! I can just taste those appetizers and the cinnamon bites. Deeeeliocious!
Katie said…
Sounds like a pretty awesome vacation - love your projects :)