By LA-jan - March 19, 2012

I needed some distractions from my overactive mind.
I woke up to find that there was an endless supply of those
just for my choosing which to involve myself in.
These are a few I thought merited a closer look:
Couldn't neglect a brisk morning walk around the
reservoir on a clear (very) cool morning.
Ok, not my picture, (and must have been taken in the summer ) as it really was cold.
Though, I was comfortable in my scarf, jacket and gloves,
and I really enjoyed this distraction.

In the hour it took to finish my walk, Taylor was able to finish his self-portrait.

Do you see the resemblance?
I thought the likeness was quite remarkable.

A planting bed full of weeds, all that yanking and pulling and ditching,
all that hoeing and digging and thrashing around,
Now!, that was the distraction that was just what I needed!

I'm good now!

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