On a Quest for that perfect cup of Joe

For many years, I settled for this. I am the only coffee drinker in the house.
This is simple, fast and easy to make for one. Then, I became coffee challenged.
Or snobbish. It just wasn't good enough. Thus, began my quest.
Taking cooking classes a few years ago at Williams Sonoma, I found this:

I had begun to relish the flavor of latte. This, was supposed to deliver it!
And, it kinda did. Kinda, you ask? It was time consuming, about 8-10 mins for a 6 oz. cup.
Sorry, that's a long time for me. And it needed maintenance. I had to fill the
the coffee and the milk chambers, then screw the contraption together. Then, plug and wait. Then, it all had to be cleaned
and dried. For one 6 oz. cup. And, it wasn't HOT. I like my coffee HOT and I like
a mug, about 10 oz of coffee.
My search continued.

Was this the Holy Grail? It was easy, fast and relatively easy to clean. I could use pods
or my own coffee! What more could I ask, you ask? More coffee. And HOT coffee.
I had to microwave the cup before I drank it. And I would need 2 cups to satisfy.
There has got to be a better way. It is just a cup of Joe, just for me.
And then,

Mr. Coffee was on sale at Target! A four cupper, fast, easy, HOT, and oh
so PERFECT! What took me so Long! Who'd thought!
And now? I'm not the only coffee drinker anymore! All four of us are
drinking coffee. Shoulda gotten the 10 cupper!


Katie said…
Is that instant in the top picture??? I love coffee - I will drink just about any of it though :)
LA-jan said…
Yes, instant! I still will occasionally have a cup of instant in a pinch!
Dorothy said…
I love the good old fashioned coffee pot - hot and fast and plenty of it!!