Gotta Luv him!!

So, as you know, Taylor's hair has been growing and growing!

It's been growing since his last haircut for Katie and Chris' wedding about a year and a half ago.

The time finally came when he had enough!

Enough hair for a sizeable donation to Locks of Love!!

So here we are starting the donation process at the salon.

Because he had so much thick hair, they divided it up into 4 ponytails to maximize his donation.

You don't get to see ponytails on Taylor, so we clicked a picture. My hair had just been washed, because I'm also getting a cut just a couple chairs away.

a closeup!

I just had to!

Each ponytail when curls are stetched out. . . 12 inches!

He was getting quite a bit of attention in the salon!

The instructor came over and did the honors!

And what a great haircut!

What a difference a cut makes!

Way to go Taylor! Someone will really appreciate this!


Whittaker Woman said…
Oh I love it. I did that about 5 years ago and the girls did it right before Katie and Chris' wedding. I love it! How does he like the cut? Its a big change. I love it. H
Katie said…
Oh my goodness! That's great! I actually really want to do that soon, too! I just need to find a place to do it!
Dorothy said…
Taylor I love the cut! What a big change. I can't wait to see it this weekend in person!