Weekend with the Twins!

Hello! The twins are toasting that they are getting new blinds for their living room! I set up an appt. and they will measure this week and they will be getting the new blinds they have been wanting now! We also went through a great stack of mail that had accumulated on the table and in the cart near the table to get them organized. Out it went! Mom felt like she had a great weight lifted. We shredded and hauled it out to the trash. We then had our toast with zifandel while dinner defrosted and started a rousy game of Rummy. I was slaughtered by the card hustler twins and didn't find out till the end of the night that we weren't playing with a full deck! Really, the deck was short by 7 cards!
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Katie said…
Aw, sounds like you had a really fun time! I wish I was able to visit more often.
Dorothy said…
So cute! I have a few of those kinds of decks too. You have to blog a photo of the new blinds too!
LA-Eileen said…
Hey! Great to blog about the twins! I'm glad to see it. I've been meaning to, but when I go over there it's late at night and they are not up to photos. Or I forget my camera. I'm glad you were able to follow up on the blinds. When I stopped by Tuesday the windows were bare and they were so excited to be getting new blinds! Next weekend is my weekend with the twins and I will have to post photos of the new window coverings!